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Kettling of the Voices

(Documentary) 2015

In the United Kingdom, a young student, a lecturer and an activist join thousands of students in the streets and plead to their leaders for affordable education. As they struggle to make their voices heard, they find themselves embroiled in a fierce battle with inconceivable consequences. This is their story.

Voice of the Bubus

(Documentary) 2015

In the region of Mange Bureh in Sierra Leone, speaking against the status quo often leads to imprisonment. As a form of defiance, the rebellious Bubu tribe creates music from makeshift instruments to voice the political inequality they’ve endured, from colonialism to the current exploitation of natural resources.

Cycling Nomads

(Documentary - in production) 2014

Cycling Nomads is a travel documentary following the story of three young friends who – disillusioned with modern life – embark on a journey from Europe to Afghanistan on bicycles.

War Matters

(Documentary) 2013

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War Matters chronicles 10 years of anti-war protest in Britain through the story of Brian Haw, a veteran peace campaigner who challenged the UK Government’s Middle East policy for over 10 years.

The Last Checkpoint

(Feature Drama) Coming soon

The Last Checkpoint is a coming-of-age tale about child soldiers during the Sierra Leonean civil war. A feature drama currently in pre-production with 2pilot films, Colonge, Germany.

Let Children be Children

(Documentary) 2002, 27 mins

Let Children be Children tells the story of a group of children as they return to their devastated schools ten years after the Sierra Leonean civil war. The film questions the future that lies ahead and the challenges the children face.